Is this a jpg to svg error or machine error?

I found this leaf pattern online, converted it to svg and on hard wood (ash) or softer wood (alder) it just looks terrible and I have to clean up the edges with a chisel.
Is something loose? Am I doing something wrong?
I’m using a new 60 degree bit from Tools Today, 50 in/min feed rate, 20 in/min plunge rate, 0.05 in depth per pass. Only going 1/8" down.

Looks like a bad file to me… What program did you use to convert the image to SVG?

I found a similar leaf and made a new SVG.
Try this one:

It should cut really clean. If not, it’s probably your machine/settings. Also, did you do a roughing pass or was that all with your 60deg?

Are you sure you’re using a 60° bit?


Hey Luke,
I did the whole thing with the 60 degree bit cuz it was fairly small.
The link you attached said the page couldnt be found. I’d love to try your svg!


Ended up using a different file and it turned out wayyyy better

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