Is this a shapeoko early version, or?

I found this, it’s in my budget, but i have no idea - Can you tell me more about this model, if it’s a Shapeoko? are parts available? what is the the value - the motors work and actually it’s in very good shape. the rollers or wheels are not cracked - Does it have potential? again, for a beginner.

thank you

here is the link to Shapeoko page with pictures.

from a quick look it appears to be a Shapeoko 1

notice that the Shapeoko-2 has a different bracket on the frame.

and the belts are closer to the rails.

you need to take into account that all the changes were an improvement from one version to the next. Shapeoko is now on the fourth generation.

X-carve was a fork from the Shapeoko-2 and now is on the second generation (there was improvements from the first but not a complete upgrade so we will call that version 1.5)

so as far as what is worth is a personal decision, what do you need, what do you expect, and what are you willing to spend to upgrade.

will this be a starting point from which you use to learn and grow or will this be a final purchase in which you expect certain performance functions without any other expense?

keep all of this in mind as you move forward. you can get a feel for what you can give from accessing this information.

appreciate your time! looks just like the one or the frame I have - i think it will be a good toy, to see if i can learn to use and make some cool things.
I wonder of the inventables guys have some parts put away some where, and they are 10 mins from my work.

thank you again - i ordered a spindle and a basic grlb controller - from ebay

I don’t know how you are about making things but Inventables X-Carve is open sourced and they have all the plans online. you can make any plate etcetera from them.

here is the newer x-carve

and the older (original) x-carve

I purchased the original X-Carve and 3D printed several of the “upgrades” such as the belt clip and wire holder for the X axis loom and the newer X axis loom 20X20 extrusion holders. I also used the plans to get the dimension to create custom risers to lift the Y axis rails.

and Inventables sells the larger extrusion and some of the plates at a reasonable price.

yes, i saw the plates, $8 good deal!
thank you