Is this possible on an X-Carve?

Would it be possible to avoid scalloping?

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It was hard to stop watching this.

You don’t cut potatoes on a mill! That would be crazy.
You use a water jet cutter.

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Carbide tips are not ideal due to the chip-breaking design most utilise. Suspect that like machining cast iron, it’s important to set your depth of cut sufficiently deep to get under the hardened skin.

Soluable oil is recommended due to its low GI rating, and will help reduce tooth wear due to the undoubedly high feed rates amongst most machinists.

Candian machinists.

I suddenly realized I’m in dire need of some Unobtainium centered pixie dust.

Ahhhh god ole AVE I watch every vid.

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WTF did I jus watch???

I’m thinking a plasma cutter would be better. it could cut and cook the thinnest fries all in one move.