Is this the right machine for what I hope to create

Hi! I am wondering if the Carvey is the right choice for me. I am new to the CNC world, I have been using my trusty scroll saw for small projects but I am looking to expand what I create. One of the things I am hoping to create are wooden ornaments that can be of different shapes, as well as be able to engrave names/dates on them. I am going to try and attach a photo of what I am thinking. I am reading though the forum and see there are different types of bits I would need as well?
Would I first engrave the information and then change the depth to cut out the shape?
Thanks in advance for any input

Those look like they’re created using a laser cutter/engraver. I’m sure you could pull it off with Carvey or X-carve but I think the laser would be the right tool to get all those intricate and sharp corners.

Thank you for the info!

V-carving can do those sharp corners but you get a slightly different look.
Laser can get down really small but the edges are slightly burnt.

Something else to try: google for “maker space” and see if there are any that are physically close to you. Lots of them have laser cutters and routers, and they’re usually very happy to talk to people about appropriate tooling for small projects. It’s a great way to get your feet wet.