ISO Another Image Trace

Any one know about another image trace program that is better then easel ?

Inkscape has one, VCarve has one, Adobe Illustrator has one…

turns any image file into an SVG…works way better than image trace


does a great job with text as well

You can just upload a image like easel then? (simple?) takes a file and you can then convert into SVG which you can import into Easel.

I can only imagine how horrible a free converter must be. Ok it may work on text and very contrasting linework. But you have no control over anything if the image is not 100% ideal. I suggest to put the time into learning how to do it yourself in illustrator or Inkscape. You’ll thank me later

my problem with that is I’m frequently taken to a .jpg or .png file rather than the .svg – or – it refers me to Etsy/Pinterest or someplace a person wants to sell you the .svg.

I was looking for some Iron Maiden Eddie .svg’s. I think I’ve Inkscaped a few of them to decent degree and now it’s just some playing with the tool paths to make it look more recognizable. I frequently run into this problem, tho. Logo’s are easy to find for the most part with some of the vector sites out there.

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Jpeg to SVG using convertico…I’ve not tweaked anything…just imported the SVG…not to shabby IMO

This is the one I’d really like to get going… When I converted it in Inkscape, it looked good (in Inkscape)

, but doing a vcarve toolpath didn’t look so good.

That looks great.

Here’s another one with better lines, but lots of black. It’s pretty low-res, too. Any suggestions on strategies to make it more carveable?


Yeah. Hard work and time always seems to be the answer. lol That’s OK. I’ll get to it eventually.