ISSUE: Centering Text in Easel

So I created some text in easel and tried to center the text to the work piece but it does not center the text, only the “text box”. Now I can manually center the text but would like for the tool available for centering to function as designed.

Any ideas? or has anyone else had this issue? I think this relates also to text not being the size expected and rather the “text box” being the size we try to use.

That’s how fonts are in many design programs. If you convert from text to a shape/curve, it’ll change the bounding box to fit the text.

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I understand that but coming from a CAD background where that is just not the case frustrates me. I just wish the tools would function as intended.

Thanks for the tip on converting to a shape but from a workflow view I would have to do this every time for each customer I sell this sign to. Not such a big deal either way but would be nice for it to reference the text.

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Are all letters the exact same height?

Understood Phil. I knew I remembered seeing your post some where.

It’s just frustrating to have to do this for every piece that has text.

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It would be welcome if Easel had a Center/Left/Right Justification of text within a text box like most word processing programs. You could then center justify your text in the box, then center the box on your work area.


I guess eventually I will bite the bullet and get vcarve. I havent yet because I really am not using my xcarve to complete entire projects and cant justify the cost just yet. I have used it to add details to my other wood working projects and that is all but soon.

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An app would be nice but couldnt they change the code to just do that once the editing the text is done?

HMMMM now that might work. I think that would be a reasonable ‘fix’ so to speak.
Great idea.

Ive actually been using inkscape quite a bit lately. Im not doing anything that would require Fusion 360.

I guess thats where my heartburn is Phil. Easel should be the easy button for a simple name sign. Time to just carry on as usual.

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