Issue loading toolpaths

I am having issue loading tool paths for a particular carve. I havent had issues before. Any suggestions? I have attached

a picture of the carve and issue

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OhI didn’t see all of this over on FB so in addition to the suggestions I said over on FB, closing all the extra programs that you have running and having ample power (looks like super low battery status in the screenshot) will allow your processor to allocate more power to calculating those toolpaths faster too. :wink:

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Seth I really appreciate all the info. New xcarve owner so I am still trying to figure it all out. The file you shared on facebook loaded great. The issue I had started with a full battery lol. However I did charge it.

I am going to attempt to simplify the trees and then import them, as you suggested. Hopefully there will be a small gap in between the trees and it does not look so much like a bush.

I subscribed to your youtube channel also. Looks like you have some great information on there.
I started building furniture and small items several years ago, but learning the computer generated stuff is a whole new animal for me.

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