Issue with 2 cut line when importing, inkscape, adobe illustrator

I have been trying to make some jigsaw puzzle using some simple pictures i’ve found online. When I try and import, create an svg in both Adobe IA and Inkscape I always get 2 set of line on the outside and inside, when these are imported into Easel it reads them as 2 cut lines which makes the cuts even bigger. I have even spent time using the pen tool in Adobe IA to do a manual trace and get the same problem.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has come across this problem and I’m sure them is a SVG God in the Forum who maybe able to help

Original image.


SVG file


Easel link

it’s a worthless file to start with.
you’re getting two lines because it sees the lines as shapes (very thin ones, but shapes nontheless)

I guess it’s the result of an automated trace judgung from the lines’ inconsistency.
Let me see if I can work with it. give me a minute

Would image trace work for your purposes? Seems as though you could just import the jpeg file directly in to Easel and work with that.


this one should be better… not perfect but considering the poor original…

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I manually used the pen tool and made my own trace over the lines and I get the same effect. Ill see if I can post it (59.4 KB)

now you have to tell me how you did that Sir?

in this particular instance i just deleted the outside perimeter which left the 3 separate pieces outline. There was some manual cleanup though because some of the lines were interrupted which was invisible because of the added stroke. So yeah a lot was wrong with it :wink:

I suggest to do the following for other pieces:
get comfortable with your software and know the difference between strokes, fills, lines and shapes.
start off with separate pieces like I arranged them. Autotrace with lines as output. Illustrator has the option in the autotrace panel