Issue with carving

Im new to xcarve and i put the image in and it keeps going off the board and im only trying to cut 35x40 my board is measuring 74x74

Post screen shots of easel showing settings, and also the work piece on the xcarve

What are you saying with it goes off the board? The file looks good. Do you mean when you start the carve it moves off the board?


I would say there is something else on your work page up in the dirrection it is moving to. You need to zoom way out and see if there is something on there. Could just be a little spot but it will go and try to carve it.

Welcome to the forum Stephanie,
The sign that you’re cutting is 26", that will take a long time using a 60 degree bit.
You have the MDF size at 74" X 74"

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Also where are u setting your zero on the actual workpiece. Can you post a pic of the board on your xcarve

Where in easel do I set the zero at. Every time I try to carve I can never get it set where I want it to cut.

Is there some kind of instructions on how to set all your measurements because that’s probably where I’m going wrong is not knowing how to set it up right

Line up tip of bit with the bottom left hand corner of piece for your xy zero when going through the steps to carve

@StephanieYbarra If you share the file we can look and see if something else is going on.

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