Issue with Craving after a period of time

Just wondering if anyone else has an issue with their carves after a period of time …
The program starts fine, runs about 15% of the program with no issues, then the stepper motor starts to miss jog.
Like when you set up the axis with the max and min settings. The axis just jutters and then continues to run.
If you stop the program and restart it (after resetting home cause it moves after all the axis miss jogging), the program will run fine and then start the same issues at any point it feels like. Sometimes it might run about 80%, other it might do it after 5%. So any ideas on what I might be missing would be greatly appreciated…
I have tested all the connections and wiring as best as I know how and it all seems to be ok. It has a new GShield and Arduino and it has been cutting really well until today, the one day i needed it to work. hahaha

What amp limit is your Gshield set to?

I have no idea …
How would one check that, and what should it be ???
I ordered a new Gshield and it had everything kinda setup, or so i thought …
I am still learning as I go, and electronics is not my strong suit.

It is fairly straight forward, you will need a (digital) voltmeter and a small screw drive to do this.

Link to video describing the sequence:

The Gshield comes with the current limiter uncalibrated (one limiter per axis, adjusted via the potentiometers)
The voltage readout gives you something to compute into amps (Ampere = current)

Set to low the torque from the motors will suffer and you may loose steps (position)
Set to high the driver chip will overheat and you will loose steps.

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Sounds like thermal overload on the Gshield. Make sure your fan is working and adjust the pots per that video that Hal linked.