Issue with detailed preview


I’m new to this and have noticed this happening randomly on some projects but can’t figure out why the letters/numbers are not fully displaying in the detailed view or simulation. On this, you can see on the left side it shows Philippians 4:13 but on the right side the “4” is not showing but looks more like a 1. It is like some of it won’t fully engrave.

Anyone have any idea on why this happens? I appreciate the help in advance.

It does look like the line for that part of the #4 is to thin. Therefore when you go to carve the piece that part will not cut. You can try a different font, enlarging the existing so that the numbers are large enough that it will cut it or changing your bit to a “v” bit.

Hope this is helpful.

Try a smaller bit. The font is to small for the bit you want to use.Try a 1/32" bit and i think it will cut everything. If you don’t want to take the time to cut it all with that go to a 2 stage carve with a bigger bit to start and a smaller bit for the clean up.

V-bit carving is better suited for these types of carves, as the V-bit depth while carving is adjusted accoring to the width of the part. Bonus is that the V-bit can carve even the tiniest corners/angles :slight_smile:


You all are awesome, thank you!