Issue with GCode

Hey Guys,
Been a while since I had any dramas, so things are going well …
Just have a quick question to see if anyone knows the answer to my query.

Every time I get a GCode from Fusion 360, I get this error showing up.
It starts the code and for the first few lines it seems ok, then it stops with this error.
It doesn’t cut anything wrong, it just stops, and then after I press the play button again, it starts and finishes the code with no errors.
Is there something in the code that shouldn’t be there that I can change ???
Any advice would be greatly appreciated…
This is a sample of a simple code that I used, which had the error appear.
Slots (3.0 KB)

I remember running into a problem with the default f-engrave config having an unsupported command that needed to be removed.

Use Easel for a simple job, export the gcode and compare with Fusion’s.

GRBL does not support tool change commands. Remove the “T1M6” from your gcode file and try again.

T1M6 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Thanks heaps John, a bunch of issues with health and new machine installs and life in general, I am getting back to you finally…

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