Issue With Tool Path In Easel Pro

New user here and having an issue with tool paths in Easel. The simulation looks perfect but when the cut happens it is skewing the length of my object each time by a predictable amount and ruining the piece. Attaching images, can anyone help?

As you can see here the middle channel is not all the way through and even stops before the edge as a troubleshooting step. I have this set to a specified depth and the rest set as a through cut with tabs.

Here is what is produced, noticed the offset at the rear. It should be at the farthest back point but when it goes to route the center channel as pictured in the render it moves the whole piece forward ~1/4" (the bit size) for half of the piece.

I am assuming this is user error or potentially a programming error in Easel, can anyone help?



to me, i have seen this many times. and 99% of those times it is an issue of the cnc machine and not the gcode.

what model CNC are you using?
how old is this machine?
who assembled it and when was the most recent maintenance/calibration performed?

It is a MillRight MV2 XXL assembled by me and it was calibrated and has run several other cuts flawlessly using GCode produced in Easel. It also runs this job flawlessly if I take out the inside channel. It’s like it starts the job running outside the cut line like intended but finishes inside once it’s done with the tabs.

You can see here I ran the job with the middle section still present and it skewed it length wise. As soon as I took out the middle channel and reran the job over the same piece with the same XYZ coordinates it ran perfect and right where it was supposed to be as seen by the further back cut.