Issue with ZigZag texture

I am playing with the textures in the app. I am not sure if this will show in my final project but I wanted to ask before I made firewood.

This project is a simple name plate with a textured back ground, I chose the ZigZag pattern. When I zoom in it shows there is a small piece at the top of each “Chevron” that is not cut. Am I overthinking it? Project is attached

Thanks for checking, Drew

I have never used it but it looks like there may be something built in to keep it away from the edge because it is equal all the way around.

I don’t think so. Maybe @EthanKinney can shed some light.

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I made the texture .25 smaller on both X&Y. THis is the first time I am using it also. I saw a vid of someone using the texture tool in vcarve and it inspired me :slight_smile:

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I put it through the Offsetter APP at .005 that will get you a workaround.


I like the idea of the texture on the background, it looks good. You can see in the picture why the lines are showing up on the preview screen.

Great Idea!! I never thought of that! I will see how that goes. Thanks

Ok, I tried the offsetter app and got these results.

When the app finished I got the following. It was done with outline, so it wasn’t the design I was looking for, however: it got rid off all the little lines except for 2 little lines. These can be deleted if you want the outline design.

Now, if you set it to “fill” it does not have the lines and looks quite nice. :smile:

I tried the offsetter App but after the offsetter App was complete I grouped all the lines and combined them. It worked out good.

Hi Neil,

Just saw this. I’ll take a look and see what the issue might be. Could be the texture source or it could be the clipper library being used.



Thank you for checking on this Ethan :slight_smile: