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Has anyone experienced any issues with X-Carve Pro causing a GFCI controller to trip? I’m doing the initial setup of my new machine, all the setup is complete and cables are connected. I moved next to connecting to AC power and it trips the GFCI every time.



I would get ahold of customer service it sounds like you have a dead short somewhere.

Hey Brent,

There has been much discussion on this and it appears that plugging the XCP into a GFI outlet or on a circuit with a GFCI breaker will more often than not trip the breaker or GFI. I just finished assembling my XCP and had the same issue. To solve this I moved the XCP to a non GFI breaker and all is well. Here is a snippet from another discussion in this forum that Inventables replied to. I hope this helps!

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Jul '21

Hey I just spoke with our engineers and wanted to provide some clarity about what is going on:

The spindle is powered by a variable frequency drive (VFD), and it is common for VFDs to generate some current that flows to ground due to the high frequencies and capacitive coupling between current carrying conductors and grounded elements. This ground current can generate nuisance tripping of the GFI since it creates an imbalance between the current on the hot and neutral lines. The X-Carve Pro was not designed to operate with GFI outlets and is functioning as intended. Do not modify or open the controller as this could cause a safety hazard.

We recommend plugging your X-Carve Pro into the nearest non-GFI outlet to avoid this issue.

Sorry about any confusion surrounding GFI and the XCP in general. Let me know if you’ve got any other questions!


Nothing with a VFD works with GFCI’s. I have the same issue with my Drum Sander.

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Thanks for the responses. I’m aware of the issues with VFD, I had somewhat assumed that given the code requirements for GFCI in garages that Inventables would have a frequency choke to mitigate the issue. It’s on a dedicated circuit, so I’ll swap out the receptacle in the morning. I just wanted a supportive opinion before doing so.


also it is possible the vfd is pulling alot of current so it trips the gfi

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