Issues with HSMworks post processing

So I’m growing past easel and moving on to hsmexpress for some more intricate projects and because I’m used to SolidWORKS, and everything was sailing smoothly till I hit the post processing.
I’ve got my job set up, I pulled up the grbl post configuration, and posted it as a .nc file. I go to easel to import g-code and its giving me errors because it includes g28 and g3 commands. I tried tinyG post configuration to no avail and even found autodesk’s own xcarve post configuration here [] from April 2017. What am I missing here?

Easel does not support arc commands (G2/G3), even as a G-code sender.

If you want to use arc commands, you need to use a different G-code sender, such as PicSender, UGCS, etc.


That explains it! Well Easel is a cute, user friendly all-in-one package but it has its trade-offs.
Thanks Larry!