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Issues with Inlays

Thought I would try my hand at doing Inlays. Female part carved great in oak. The male part not so good ! The clearance part ran pretty good .125 down cut end mill the. I switched to a 60 degree vbit doc was .20. The v carve started and cut some of the letters out

Not sure what I did wrong!

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Hi Greg,
it dose take a few tries to get right.

try it with a pocket v carve flat depth at .15 "
for the plug or inlay at .05" and a flat depth at .1 "

set feed to 40 and plunge to 10 and be patient .
hope this helps


Thank you for your advice. I’ll readjust my settings and try again

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no problem, good luck and a happy new year.

I’ve had great luck with the inlay tool, but only when using 1/16 or 1/32 bits. When I use 1/8, they don’t seem to work as well, unless it is a super-simple inlay.

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Thank you for your input. I’m going to get some smaller bits. I’ve just recently looked at carving . I originally bought the xcarve to cut out frames for quad copters. I’ve v carved a few things I mostly have 1/4" and 1/8" end mills. A few v bits and a couple of flattening bit. I guess if I’m going to up my game I’m going to have to up my bits as well lol. I appreciate your response!

check this out , cuts great and easy to sharpen.

Amana Tool - In-Groove Insert Engraving 1/4 (RC-1075), Industrial Grade

The Inlay generator is setup for endmills only, the size of endmill that you enter into the tool… There are ways to use V Bits to make inlays after using the inlay generator, but added steps are necessary for it to come out properly… Alo for best results a steep angle V bit (like a 20 degree) and endgrain of the wood tends to provide best results… the endrain provides best strength for smaller pieces to prevent then from snapping off.

Check out Bro In Wood on youtube, he doesn’t cover the designing process because he uses a software that does it all properly for a VBit without the manual manipulation needed in Easel. However, watching his process and the carved results step by step, will help to learn what you would be looking for in the simulation pane,

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Thank again guys for the help and recommendations. I’ll definitely look into the bit. I do all of my designs in v carve pro

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In that case, It’d be a lot easier… we all thought you were in Easel… check this out if you haven’t already… Live How To with Todd & Mark Lindsay | Making Your First VCarved Inlay | Vectric FREE CNC Project - YouTube

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@GregoryPresnell Looks like you ran the roughing toolpath and never ran the Vcarve for your inlay?

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I started the vcarve part and when it took out some of the letters I canceled the carve

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1/2" poplar

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