Issues with MY G-CODE and Z - depth cutting the air

I haven’t issues in the past with creating g-Code from fusion 360 and working with 2D and 3D carves but the other day went to try doing a drilling operation and this is where I first noticed this new habit.

I import my g-code through easel
homing and create my settings, x & Y use the probe and everything seems fine.
I have the suckit dust boot and as the last setting it asks and I say yes. (I have carved things in the past with it successfully)
hit carve and then the new habit/thing happens. Router goes all the way to the top readjusts and then starts carving about a half inch off my work. Carving nothing but air and while I can appreciate it’s not destroying my stock its frustrating it’s not cutting or drilling.
Case two
Instead of a drilling operation which I hadn’t done before I did use a different file that I had completed before with success and it does the same thing.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas on the cause?


Check to see if your Datum Position on Stock top or Stock bottom. If datum on stock bottom, you have to use your probe on your machine surface not on material surface.

Thanks for the input forgive the naivety but not quite sure what the datum is, is that in the code or in the CAM set up in Fusion? If it’s what I think it is in my fusion CAM set up the WCS is set to my bottom left corner of my stock. Though I’ll try it your way of setting it from the wasteboard with my probe and see if that works on my scrap piece of foam.

Ok, that was horrifying glad I used foam.

Before: starting point the router would go all the way up the Z and then come back down to where it wanted to cut - in reality around a 1/2 above material.

Now using the z-probe on the waste board the router goes down to about 1/4 off the deck and then runs to its start position at that height plowing through the foam. and then rising up to the top of the material and cut at I’m guessing the right height.

Side tangent

** Suggestion for Easel software creators the bail button(where it just brings up the xyz controls or as someone else suggested the pickup point of where you left off. I’d also like to see that when you set up your machine and it has it’s cute little run a test carve it has the rest of the menu at that point or a button to go to start/new project, instead of opening a new window. **

Here are the first 20


(STOCK/BLOCK,12,6,1,0, 0, 0)

Might need to edit your post processor to put the Z safety height move before the X and Y start move.

I’d also remove the tool change from Fusion. I think in bit settings there’s a checkbox for manual tool change.

Hi Ken,
I’ll add my 2 cents.
As noted above by Robert, there is a tool change T1M6.
And there are Coolant Off Cmds M9 and a turn spindle on to 10000rpms S10000M3.

These are not problematic. What I don’t like is right after the 2nd M9, the machine moves without 1st setting the safe height. Then there are 3 consecutive Z move cmds which explains your up/down movement description.

Whatever produced your Gcode has produced it in error in my opinion.


Thanks guys, still working this out but one thing I have noticed is that Fusion 360 is using brackets now to export it’s Gcode. Anyone else having issues with Fusion360 exporting gCode?

Also, in Fusion when I click on the select tool and choose and there is a dialog box for the tool it says manual tool change (false).

When in the edit drilling operation I select which tool and then there is a check box to select coolant and I select disabled.

Fusion is creating the Gcode

Not sure if you’re still around @KenTrox, but do you remember how you solved this? I’m running into the same problem.

Hi Stepahnie,

I learned a lot from reading the G-code from Jusbin and Robert but ultimately I believe it was a Fusion software glitch that was adding in the extra tool bits and my Z-Depths or adding more volume to my stock. It solved itself in about a week. It was maddening. I wish I could be more helpful this was a long time ago and I’m not the best at writing processes. I may have also just deleted the existing tool paths and started fresh becuase it was only happening to a couple of “new” jobs at the time and once software updatedd again I wasn’t having issues anymore. Good luck, hopefully software glitch.

Thank you! It might’ve been the same thing here. Not sure. I did start over, and it worked. I might’ve screwed up my tool path. Who knows. Thanks for getting back to me =)