Issues with VCarve import

Hi guys. New to the CNC things, but have been learning daily. I am now trying to do a roughing pass from a VCarve file through Easel. Everything seems to start off fine, but about 15% into the cut, everything shifts on the X axis about 2 inches. I’ve tried everything I could think of,which isn’t much :), but I’m not having any luck. I have done single stage cuts many times, but for some reason I’m missing something when it comes to a 2 stage carve. Any idea’s what I’m doing wrong?

Could it be that the bit is too large to carve that section? Is it carving exactly what it’s supposed to but just offset by 2 inches? Have you looked at the Gcode in a visualizer (like Easel) to see if it’s doing what it is supposed to do?

The bit is a .25 end mill. It seems like the second pass is where the problem starts? In Easel it looks like it should carve fine. Just the second pass doesn’t seem to start where it should? Thanks for the reply.

I have checked the obvious, and haven’t found anything. Doesn’t mean I’m overlooking something though. I have done several carves since with no issues. All single stage carves. I think I’m just doing something wrong somewhere in my set up. I’ll keep trying as time permits. I’m determined to figure it out, eventually! :slight_smile: