Issues with Z axis not cutting the right depth as the cut goes on

I am using vCarve Pro and uploading it into Easel for now to do my cutting. I am cutting out cribbage boards. Peg holes are being drilled .3" and when it starts they are all done around that depth. As the cut goes on it gets to the point where the holes are barely scratching the surface. Everything is level and squared up. Everything is tight. If I break the amount of holes drilled into separate smaller groups everything cuts fine. I also have this issue when I am drilling pockets and merging some toolpaths together. also getting a lot of variations from time to time when cutting pockets. I feel as though it is missing some of the lines in the code and its not a mechanical issue since I can rezero and check bit tightness and the cut is the same everytime. always wrong in the same places.

A little background. I recently did the 2021 xcarve upgrade so not sure if there is something there that I may have a problem with. I also have been using an older computer which I have had issues with but have ordered a new one that will hopefully be here in the next week. Once that arrives I will be upgrading my Vcarve Pro to version 11.5. Right now I am using 9.5. I am not sure if any of that is going to be a culprit but its a good time to get up to date.

Any ideas or thoughts are great and will surely update when I receive my new computer and see if that could be the issue as well.

Hmm, any time I see this term “level” used it tends to identify the root cause, because a CNC does not require actual level, but rather the requirement is “parallel” and “perpendicular” for various axises…

In order to achieve the workpiece being parallel to the spindle’s plane of movement we usually surface the wasteboard and when necessary the workpiece as well. However when carving Plywood and other instances where surfacing the workpiece is impractical this is a trick that I use:

Do also note this known issue with the New Z axis, although i doubt it’s your issue today since you said the issue only occurs on the full carve and goes away when you split the job up… This Key bit of info tells me that your issue today is actually the un-parallel workpiece surface to the spindle plane of movement i discussed above, regardless, this issue with the Z axis is good to know about:

Thanks for the response. By level I should have specified that it is parallel to the work piece as you mentioned.

The more I have been messing around the more I am noticing that the smaller cuts are not cutting correctly either. Most of the drill depths are random depths as they keep getting shallower.

I just carved out a name and I am making 3 of the same boards. On 2 of the boards the name carved out fine. On the third board the name carved out the first 3 letters and progressively ended up cutting higher and higher to where it is .25” above the workpiece. The word where it is cutting is only about 3” wide by 2” tall so in that small of an area I really don’t assume my workpiece would be out of parallel with the z axis. After it cut it out wrong I ran the same cut and zeroed the zaxis over a spot where it wasn’t even touching the workpiece, then ran the cut again and it did the same thing. Checked the coupling tightness that goes from the motor as well.

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