It appears the makerslide slots on my y-plate have been cut in the wrong position

While trying to screw the buttonhead screws into the makerslide they fit off the y-plate but I can’t get them to line up straight through the y-plate slots. I also believe one of the pieces of makerslide was tapped incorrectly because I can only thread half way in.

Had trouble with mine too - they were out by just a fraction so i could screw into the bottom hole or top hole but not both. Eventually managed it by inserting just the end of the thread into each hole on the makersilde while holding it away from the y plate and then screwing in each screw alternately by just a turn or so at a time. Have you checked screwing all the way into the makerslide but not through the y plates to check they are fully tapped as each of my screws seemed to stop about half way down but just needed that little extra torque.

It’s been a problem lately.

I had the same issue with my x-carve and it was worse with the x-carve my company purchased.

yup I had the same issue I had to screw in each screw a few turns at a time but it work and got a nice tight fit

After taking a step back I eventually did the same as most here have described. Slowly turn each screw one thread at a time. Finally got the gantry all together. Thanks for the replies.

Also, I cleared out the “bad” threaded hole with compressed air and it worked smoothly. Must have been some debris caught inside.

In either case, drilling the holes out slightly is a quick fix, just make sure before you tighten them down, that you have some sort of block under the rails so that you can get everything exactly squared, otherwise you’ll run into accuracy issues later.

Well, it would more than likely be in the drilling of the plates. Tapping probably wouldn’t throw off the actual location of the holes in either the plates, or the maker-slide. The hole locations on the ends of the maker-slide are created during extrusion, the only way it would be off, is if the extrusion die was replaced with an inaccurate one.

But either way, AngusMcLeod is correct, If you recieve a part that you believe is defective, document the defect fully (images, measurements etc" and submit it to Inventables. I can almost guarantee they will resolve the issue for you.

A few months back i ordered some makerslide from inventables, and one of them ended up being 4.727mm shorter than 1500mm, i contacted inventables, and they sent out a replacement that day at no charge. Just be sure to hang onto your faulty parts, because they will probably send a shipping label as well so you can ship them back to them so they can try to track down where the issue is.

I had the same problem with a few of mine. I put in one screw and then ran a metric tap into the other hole to clean up the threads. That worked great and now the screws go in easily. I received one section of makerslide in which only one end was tapped, so I had to tap that end as well.

I had the same issue and slowly rounded the holes on the brackets to fit. Was an extremely slight adjustment but got them to work. All in all, the rest of the assembly went good (I bought the 1k x 1k system). Plus, Sam at Inventables was extremely nice in their customer service.

Are you having an issue with the plate the Y motors attach to on the gantry ends or the plates at the front and back of the machine?

with mine it was the plates the y motors attach to on each end of the gantry.

I put my 500x500 together about a week ago and ran into a problem with getting the screws into the make slide also. My problem turned out to simply be the powder coating inside the holes in the plate. Cleared that out and almost all of the screws threaded right in.