Itching to get carving again

Workshop is built nothing fancy or massive (wife got involved and we compromised and went with her idea!) 12 foot x 6 foot but it’s all mine no girls allowed although my daughters aren’t happy with that rule and don’t want to abide by it either.

Got to build my work benches still and then find a good way of using the space in there.

Need to have area for:

Cnc machine - mines a small Chinese one for now but the x carve is happening hopefully the application is with the minister of interior affairs (the wife) for approval.

Mitre saw
Table saw - not yet arrived but ordered
Thicknesser - ordered yesterday

Build / paint area

A lot to fit in so looking at flipping / rotating / movable set up as wont be using them all at the same times.

Be interested to see how some of you are set up and what ideas you went with to save space.

I mostly build planter boxes and furniture from reclaimed pallet wood and wood salvaged after use for transportations.

I’ve made the odd sign here and there on the cnc but use has been limited as no fixed position for it and the wife loses her mind when I make a mess in the house with it.