It's Alive

Ha, that’s funny. When I first saw your post, I was trying to figure out what you were spelling and all I could see was omelet.


I strongly recommend editing my script to go less than one inch. A half inch would probably do. It drives me nuts watching it cut that unnecessarily long slot. But then again… I seem to always be in a hurry.

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Add some magnets to the back of smaller ones and put them on the fridge.

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Totally doing this for the fridge. Wife will love it!

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Here are the scrabble pieces hung on the wall…apparently, she takes worse pictures then I do. She decided to put them on a different wall, they could have been bigger here. Maybe next time :slight_smile:


Hmmm…wonder what is next for my X-Carve…


I got this one from:

Bear in mind, GRBL does not support a rotary axis, so other upgrades must take place first :slight_smile:

Quick test just to make sure it can move :slight_smile:


Very cool, what are you looking at using for a controller?

I am going with the Gecko G540 with Ethernet Smoothstepper.

I like my Smoothieboard quite a lot. If you haven’t already looked at it, I think it’s worth considering.

I didn’t know about it. It is too late now, I have already ordered everything.

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Are you using Mach 3?

The Gecko G540 and the smoothstepper supports both Mach3 and Mach4, I am looking at both now and with what I am reading I will probably go with Mach3

You might want to look at this.

It looks good, but the computer in my shop does not have a parallel port(none of my systems do anymore).

Easily fixed with an add in PCI parallel port or a Mesanet FPGA card. That way you could run Linuxcnc :slight_smile:

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Too late…I’ve already ordered everything I need.

It also has a USB port as well as a parallel port. Also you. An get a usb to parallel converter.

According to their info:

D: USB - Connect to USB connector on PC. Powers the logic supply of the board.

E: PARALLEL PORT - Connect to the primary (built onto the motherboard) DB-25 connector on the PC.