It's Alive

I have to paint the doors black yet and I’m still waiting on panel connections for the limit switches and touch probe, but here’s a few photos of my setup:


wow ! what a beast !!!

could you share the schematic of your wiring?


Very nice.

Where did you attach the wires to the arduino for the green LEDs?

I also assume that the Touch plate is yet to come, just not installed yet.

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I connected the LEDs to the green and black wires for the stepper motors, more info here: Extending gShield leds

And yes I am still waiting for the panel connections for the touch plate and limit switches to arrive in the mail.


I will draw up a diagram for ya



hello guys
Need some help i import a 3d model in to my work but when i like to do the tool paths is says no vector what do i do wrong. :frowning:

I’m gonna guess (from the wording) that you’re using vcarve? If not, let us know.
For vcarve, with an imported 3d model, the two toolpaths that you can use are 3d Roughing and/or 3d Finishing.
I highly recommend getting the vcarve Help.pdf and reading the section titled “3D Toolpaths”, that’s how I learned about the details (last week).
There are lots of people on the forum who know tons more about vcarve than I do, I’ve had good luck creating a thread with something with vcarve in the subject line.
Good luck,

ok will have a look at it so far i use most of the time Aspire and a little Vcare. yes many topic in here so for a newbie is hard to find the way :slight_smile:

@ErikJenkins Where did you get the dragon image from? I’ve searched eBay and other places for an STL file but haven’t had any luck. Same for the cross too please, where did you find that?


The dragon I got off of ebay, I’ll post a link this weekend, I am travelling for work. The cross, I modelled myself… I can send you an stl file of that when I get home as well.

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Thank you sir!

Here is the link to the dragon stl file, it was a sample.

I’ll try to get the cross stl file done today…just getting home so it may be in a day or so.

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Appreciate it, I grabbed the dragon STL as well as found another on eBay that I bought. I’m home finally tomorrow so I’ll give it a shot.

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Here is a small relief carving for the lid of a little box. Cut in cherry, about 4" x 5".


Added a splash of Rust-Oleum Traditional Cherry stain.

In the photo, I see a couple of horizontal lines, but on the actual piece I don’t see them, even with my glasses on :slight_smile:


First time to try a lithophane. I used 0.25" candlestone. The cut area is 3" x 4.25". I was fairly aggressive and did not use a roughing pass, so the entire thing was cut in one pass with a 0.5mm radius tapered ballnose bit at 75 IPM.

450k lines of G-Code and took 3 hours to carve with a 5% stepover…

Overall I was pleased as a first attempt. There is some diagonal banding (along the cutting path) that I assume is from bit deflection from cutting too aggressively. The lightest parts are cut almost a full 0.25" deep in the material and the bit was tiny.

The photo is one I took in Kenya a few years ago…

No Backlighting:

With Backlighting:


Lithophanes are so cool, it just does not seem possible that they can capture so much detail.

I was truly impressed when I hit it with the light, the image just pops out. I think if I slow things down I will lose the banding…or I could pocket out the area first with a larger bit…then run the finishing pass.

It is really blurry from the backside…I was hoping for the same thing.