It's Alive

I’ll get some ready and send to you @sketch42, work has kept me busy recently so not as much time in the shop.

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Those are really awesome - it has been a lot of fun cutting these - I have been working on a few new ideas myself along these lines. Hope to post some soon


Same here :smile:

I had blast assembling the one you guys posted in inventables projects please keep them coming.

which one did you make from the Projects area? there are 5 up so far


I have one of a snake, but not articulated…I haven’t looked at it in a while, but I believe it is a cobra.

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Did you do the Stegosaurus yet? That is a big one…I like it!

Not yet. Getting the material soon, but it is next on my list.


Very nice!

love it!

How did you wire the Cycle Start, Feed Hold and Reset buttons? I got the exact same buttons and I was wondering how you did yours? I got 3 wires already into the Arduino into the correct spots. I just need to know where to connect everything. I got a 24v and a ground to the buttons and they all light up. Thanks for all the great information.

Each button has five connection points that are clearly marked, you need 4 of them to make them work properly.

2 pins are marked: “-” and “+” - these are for the 24v light to keep them illuminated. I used a terminal strip inside my enclosure to break out all of the voltages for easy access. But, just as easy to add a wire from the pos and gnd of the power supply.

The three center pins are marked, “NC” - normally closed, “NO” - normally opened, and “C” - common.

Make a connection between the “C” - common connection of the button and Arduino GND pin. (Again, I used terminal strips inside the enclosure to make wiring much easier)

Make a connection between the “NO” - normally open connection and the:

A2 Arduino pin (Green Button- Cycle Start/Resume)
A1 Arduino pin (Yellow Button- Feed Hold)
A0 Arduino pin (Red Button- Reset/Abort)

Thanks a lot! I knew where everything went, I just wasn’t sure about the NO and C pins and I didn’t want to mess anything up.

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Got them working! Thanks again for the help!

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That’s awesome, glad you got them working.

Can you tell me about the Green XYZ lights

They are the same green lights on the arduino just extended to my panel. Mainly just for cool factor and to let me know everything is working.

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Can you elaborate or shoe photos of the connections?

I will see if I can get some photos tomorrow.