Well I did it! I finally did it! After months and months I finally did it! I got my X Carve running! Ok I know you’re wondering what took me so long. Well life and dreams of making a great workspace to use it in.

I bought it in August but knew there was going to be a delay on it getting to me. I was a okay with that. I decided to go ahead and build a 10 X 12 shop with materials that were laying around that a family friend had given us in the mean time. It was a lot of construction materials. In fact I was able to create it out of about 85% recycled materials from old job sites of his. Trouble was, I had no idea what I was doing really or how to go about doing it. So I used our good friends Google and YouTube and ended up creating my first real project with the help of my brothers, Dad and a few friends.

This was my largest hurdle to getting my X Carve assembled, due to needing to work so I could keep my bills at bay and food in my stomach. In the summer it was hard to work on it due to it being in the 100’s on my days off. So would work first thing in the morning till about eleven then do a bit more around six when it cooled off. A lot of the time it was just me working solo while going back and forth to the interwebz. Then the days were getting shorter and shorter then people not showing up to help when more than one person was needed. But finally got the building skinned and roofed. Then the interior painted white to help reflect light. Started painting the exterior but then the rains started and work has been more hectic.

Since it has started raining, I found out I didn’t get the ground as packed down as I thought so the floor has a slight unevenness to it which has made making a level table a bit more difficult. But I pushed through and started putting together the X Carve about three weeks ago. I put in a little at a time in the house as I had time and today I was able to get it to talk to my laptop! Tomorrow I will cut my mdf and hopefully get my first cuts done! I just had to share this major feat with you all. I’ll post pictures if y’all are interested but have a good one.

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very nice lol post up those pics my man!!! lets see how it turned out!!