It's usually something stupid

I was taught how to set up our LAN at work by a computer guru I can only describe as ObiWan. He had all the technology training but also could zoom back and look at the big picture. He taught me that with computer problems it is usually something stupid. Like a duplicate IP address on the network or more often than not, something got unplugged!

Today, while attempting to carve my logos on my products my XC started grumbling. I just installed a cheap drag chain on the controller side. I removed it. I loosened the belts. I tightened the belts. I loosed every V-wheel and re-set them.

Finally I removed the belts from the drive pulley and moved the XC with the XC controls. The Y1 stepper motor grumbled and vibrated and did not turn, I checked the wiring and the black ground wire came loose!!

Like I said, usually something stupid. I really like my500 mm x 1000 X-Carve.

As an IT guy myself, I concur with Obi Wan!

Glad you’re up and running again.

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“Is it plugged in?”

“Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?”

Always the two first-asked IT questions.

My “something stupid” recently is that I finally have my x-carve not stopping during long carves and was near the end of one when suddenly … dead!

The problem: I had unplugged my laptop for some reason and its battery died. Ugh!

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