It's working! Finally!

This is so exciting!!


First carve!! Success.
Of course I pushed the carriage out of the way and snapped the bit on a clamp…


Wow!! Ok. Thank u for the tip.
How do u move it in easel then.
It only has the controls when you’re setting it to zero?

I always hit the carve button so the controls come up. Move it where you want gen close it out.

Ok. Thank you!! I’m gonna do that from now on. Whew.
Lots of learning to do. I appreciate your help.

What is ugs… I’m a newbie!

UGS is the Universal Gcode Sender

Be sure you have the latest version of Java loaded on your computer then download and run UGS from the above website.

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The first carve is always the best . My bit wasn’t tight enough and stuffed up my 1st carve.
But I was happy anyway that the X=Carve was doing it’s Job.

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Welcome to the rabbit hole!

When I got involved in CNC and the Xcarve specifically, I discovered that it could be so much more enjoyable when becoming involved in the forum as well.

Most of us were noobs when we got into this, we all have made some mistakes, some more spectacular than others. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences with us, We don’t bite, except for Phil when he needs a Snickers bar, He’s been known to make people cry. We will do our best to help you along with this obsession, er habiter HOBBY Yeah thats it


thanks everybody!! I was starting to get frustrated towards the end of the build. then I had some computer issues.
but once that carriage rolled over and started to cut right were I told it, all that frustration went away!
it was pretty exciting.


good start to the bit graveyard. each bit is a lesson learned…


You need to carve a little tombstone, or maybe a coffin to hold your bit graveyard :grinning:

Congrats on getting past the intro Greg.

What are your plans for your x-carve?

building guitars will be my main focus!
but I’m going to have to make other things to fund that!


Been there… done that. I had 1/32" bit in my router not too long ago that had been sitting for about 2 weeks after a carve. When I rolled up to start a new project, I just pushed the X axis out of the way and I felt a brief resistance and heard the snap. Now I will no longer leave it powered down with the bit at zero.


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I have solved the clamp problem mostly buy using a 1/4" PVC.

I cut these clamps then use a regular 1/4" screw and a dedicated electric screwdriver.
Sometimes the 9" ones are a bit long so I will double them up.
The little notch on the end allows for edge holding so the stock wont move.

And if the end gets cut nipped by the bit, it wont damage the bit.

I have been using them for about 2.5 years and they are essential for me.