Jagged edge on text

One thing I hope to be able to do with my machine is to pay for it by making small engraved nameplates etc. Attached pic is literally my FIRST carve.

I noticed the edges to be slightly jagged. I used the 1/16 upcut bit, slowest speed on the 611, and the recommended cut settings.

To smooth things out my first thought was a slower feed rate, second thought was using a 1/32 bit (that I currently do not possess.)

Anyone have any more insight on this?

V-wheels a little to tight AND/OR belt tension to high?
Both could make the movement “jittery” because it need to overcome friction before motion is allowed.

Just a couple of cents worth :slight_smile:

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A little better with the slower speed.

Thanks Haldor! I’ll check th V-Wheels. I have my belts all at about 3lb/1".

If you used Easel fonts zoom in on your design. I bet it is the font itself. I found that out the hard way.