Jedi Light Saber

Made this for a customer that needed a gift for his best man.


very cool. what was your process?

I made the 3d design a while back in Solidworks, then sliced it in what was 123d Make (now i believe it has been combined with Fusion 360, not quite sure). From there it sends out a eps file of the slices, once you cut out you simply line the ovals out in order on a 1/4 in dowel and you’re all set! Not quite sure why they combined all the 123d programs with fusion, it’s very confusing now. But I was lucky to have saved all my info before they shut it down.

I did some quick research and here is the add on for fusion

Awesome. Put the slices in a easel file and share it to the projects page so more people buy a x carve to make stuff like that and we can reap the benefits as they keep updating stuff for us with all the new customer money.

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Very evil-y of you to think that way … I like your thinking!!