Jeremys Phantomm upgrade

Cable would also be stationary

This is gold.

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I’m not seeing the benefit. The rating on the wire used is weeeeeeeeell above the needed spec. I doubt the wire is the issue. Only signal noise I see is potentially from the ac spindle.

One thing that’s on my TODO list is to stiffen up the Y axis so it doesn’t flex (allow rotation around the X axis) when the router is doing a plunge. Since I already replaced my original double 20x40 makerside with the 40x40 I’ve been thinking about using those two extra pieces to double up the sides vertically. I’m wondering if the screw drive upgrade runs into any such issues with increasing the strength of the machine, but not reinforcing the Y rails from flex?

The upgrade does not interfere with y stiffener mods.

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What about the wiring for the motors, is there some soldering and more cable required

I believe the wires remain the same if not shorter.

Okay thank you, that is fine

No soldering required. Lots of extra wire now.

Hi Jeremy, my X-carve table folds up against the wall when not in use, due to lack of room, so I need to make it wider to get the new end plates to fit, what is the distance between the X-carve sub -frame and the end of the new Y plate, how much wider than the existing plate is it , from looking at your photos it looks to be about 2 1/2 -3 inches

Pictures may help with understanding the question as you mentioned a few dimensions and was not specific

I have something like this, just a sheet of wood each side no drawers and it is fixed to the wall at the back, the X-carve at the moment is the exact same width as the table and just clears the side pieces when pivoted, so with the new end Y plates being wider to make room for the linear drive screws, I need to make the table wider, just wanted to know by how much, space is tight, so I need the total width of the X-carve with the new plates please, I hope this explains it a bit better

Overall Right to left is 45in
43.5 from outside of x motor on left + 1.5 from outside of the right side side-plate to the outside of the right-front motor

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Thank’s Jeremy, excellent photos, that is all the information I need

Larger front to back as well…

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Thank’s again Jeremy, you have been a great help


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