Jeremys Phantomm upgrade

these are the things that come into my head when someone asks a dumbass question that shouldn’t need asking because they are a sentient life form that has a frontal lobe as a part of their brain anatomy.

My wife has helped me over the past 20 years to respond to people with a more snowflake friendly approach. It seems to cut down on people crying or being pissed off in my general vicinity.


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Why didnt you also do the standoffs black?

Why didnt you also do the standoffs black?

Assumed they wouldn’t take. Already seemed to have some coating. Planning on a 3D printed cover to protect coupler crime kids fingers…

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My shipment of parts included a bag of thin spacers and what I assume to be a single M5x5 Socket Head screw.

What would be their intended purpose? Especially that M5x5 strikes me as an odd one :°

The shim goes berween the lock collar and the bearing.
The 5x6mm Screw is to hold the dragchain bracket. There should be two. If not reuse the old screws.

Do you have part number for shims? I don’t remember seeing any when I installed… maybe it’s not a big deal but I don’t have any shims installed.

Not needed. I added them as an extra if wanted.

How do I get access to the directions. I recieved all the parts and all screws appear to be too long. can someone throw me a bone here

I have received all the parts from MFX and am trying to get the directions. all the screws sent are too long do I need to cut them to length.