Jeweller's Bench Pin

With the new workshop up and running now, the wife wanted some new bench pins for supporting thin sheet metal while she is cutting it by hand, sanding, cleaning etc.

Instead of buying one, I just made one instead. Trivial job, but there is something great about using a tool to make another tool. :smile:

Got a few different designs on the go and the wife will try them and will refine over time.

Design is just a series of shapes created in Inkscape and then “Unioned” together to build up the design before outputting the SVG for import into Easel. Material is just 18mm planed spruce and carved using a 1/8" straight 2 flute bit using the Maple default settings.




Nice work!

Not sure if you’re aware, but it’s possible to union & subtract shapes in Easel. Cheers!

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I knew you could combine them, but didn’t know the trick to subtract one from another.

Thanks, that might save me firing up Inkscape all the time :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Another design that I’m told is good enough to finish and fit to her work bench :smile:

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