Jogging an axis

Hello. Does anyone know of a way to set the Xcarve axis to move more that the 1 inch at a time? (Like holding down on the button until the axis reaches the desired destination). Is the any 3rd party switches that could be added to the controller to accomplish it?

Use a sender like gSender, or you can type commands in through the console.


I’ve started playing with gSender, and yes, it allows for holding down a key to do continuous moves. It also inherently supports controllers and so I can jog continuously with a joystick. (I also put a chatpad on an XBOX One controller to get a more portable keyboard.)

Thanks Neil. How would I type commands in through the console? Do I do that in Easel?

Thaks Kevin, I’ll try these out!

On the “Jog Machine” window, simply enter a value into the “Custom XY” text box. You can jog the X & Y axis in any custom interval you wish in this manner.



Brandon R. Parker

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