Joining 2 or more extrusions togther

I’m looking to join two extrusion together side by side to make them wider, I bought a beat up shapeoko 2 and I’m upgrading to a x-carve and want to do an aluminum bed, right now it’s 1000mm mdf board.

They make bars that you put in the t-slot part that you can use.

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Any idea what they’re called, I’m new to this stuff, thanks

Thanks for a link, but what if I want to join 4 250mm extrusions together, how would you do that, I don’t think drilling would work in that situation.

I need help! Haha

I have used these and they have been great.

I used something like that to join (2) 1000mm rails into a 2000mm rail for my Y axis


It worked pretty good, though there were a coupled of issues.

First, I made support brackets to hold up the Y rail, because that long of a span would sag and flex too much. I cut mine to tie into another rail I ran along the bottom. But others have used L brackets to bolt onto their waste board.

Second I had a heck of a time lining the rails up. No matter how I tried I could not get the two ends to meet without a tiny bit of offset that would cause a little “bump” as the v wheel rolled over.
Then I hit on a trick. I loosened up the rail, rolled the gantry so the v wheel was straddling the seam and then tightened everything up. That made them line up perfectly.

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