Joining lines in easel

Is there an app or a simple way to join 2 lines to form a corner in Easel. I keep getting lines that extend beyond each other or don’t meet each other.

Many thanks for help

You could use Inkscape (FREE) to draw your lines and join the nodes to create the corner. Then save as an .svg and import that into Easel.

Hey John,

Not sure if this is what you mean… but you can try this… Here are two lines…

Highlight the lines and then click on the left most alignment button…

Then clicking on the up and down alignment one should create a corner for ya…

Best of luck…

You still need to combine them into one piece if you want them treated as a single object.

do you know how to join them into one piece?

On the edit tab select combine when the objects are highlighted

I appreciate that Philip, although I should have been more specific. I’m trying to combine a set of lines together with negative results when I use that combine feature. I attached some pics. I’m trying to combine interior lines of the template.

Are you trying to make it look like the before picture, but with joined lines?


you could make a box in easel, and in the shape tab radius the corners to whatever radius you want. then edit the bottom two corners back to the sharp corners.