Joining "snap" lines

I use DesignCAD 3D as my go to design program and found if I use a "snap " command
to join 2 lines, when exported to Easel and attempting to change to “inside the path” or any other path change it shows an error and says that “paths are open”… I “select” the complete drawing in DesignCAD, click “connect” and it shows the drawing as one unit, export to Easel and it shows the drawing as separate units. Tried converting from .dxf to .svg, same result. Am I missing something??
Any info appreciated.

Can you share the DXF? I don’t know DesignCAD, so I can’t help with how you’d fix it there.

pagani-enclosure.dxf (975.8 KB)

Should add, I can sneak in the back door by printing and scanning the file to convert to .jpg then
using Convertio to convert to .dxf then import that to Easel. File will be one piece. Long way around and only works if project is small enough for my scanner.

Here’s the link to the project. Hit select all and you’ll notice it broke up part of the arc. It’s all
together in DesignCAD.

You will need to set the various areas to fill, on the 4th step you will need to send the black area to the back then the 5th step is to select all and combine

Thanks for responding. Sorry to be so slow but I’m not following after the first step of selecting the
two areas and “clearing a pocket” . More detailed instructions would be much appreciated.
Thanks again.

So now I’m really feeling dumb. Had never noticed that selecting 2 entities, by holding shift, opens a “combine” button under “edit” which does just that. That only took 2 years to figure out. Thanks for
everyones help.

You can change how it cuts here. Looks like you have it figured out. Steve