JT laser tech focus thumb wheel

I received the JT laser and got it all set up during the testing phase i saw that you are supposed to carefully spin that metal ring to focus it and thought to myself . Self being as your are super clumsy this may not be a great idea to spin the focus ring with your fingers . Behold a safer way if you have a 3d printer .


oh your def correct , I thought I had it set on the lowest setting per youtube . But when it switched to the lowest setting it was no laser at all . still figuring the thing out

If he uploads the files, I would be happy to print one and send it to you.

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I have a 3d printer and if you want send me the file and I will make it for you.

I meant to offer to print it for him also i mean its like 10 cents worth of filament , but when I upload the file it shows as gcode not a stl
jtechlaserfocus.stl (131.8 KB)
And crazy name you say that is my mothers name

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Based on the crazy filename, I assume you made it in Tinkercad. Can you share the project?

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I have updated it with the correct STL . I am also going to share it on thingaverse. The wheel is a little large i scaled it down to 98% before printing buts its a very quick print so ymmv