Jtec 2.8w laser ORDERED

well just ordered the jtec 2.8 laser and mount for xcarve now i need to figure what i need software wise to run this new setup. time to start searching all info on jtec.

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looking at the demo right now actually of picsender and the laser program for gcode.


I think Vcarve can handle laser’s now. I remember seeing on JTech’s website they had something that would generate the proper burning tool paths.

I use V-Carve and PicEngrave Pro…for vectors I stick with V-Carve and for raster engraving I use PicEngrave Pro. Both do a great job.

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yea i see a vcarve PP from jtec. i currently use vcarve and easel. will have to look to see i can still do this method or will need find something else to send to xcarve. still in the looking around part

Thanks Phil. But I’m walking the line here.


There’s the Inskscape Laser Plugin (free, https://jtechphotonics.com/?page_id=2012) .

You can also try PicLaser (there’s an upgrade-only price if you want to upgrade to PicEngrave)




you could always check out this post for software that is free for testing right now and they are looking for people with the X-Carve and J-Tech combo.

thanks looking into it

Curious if the 2.8w will cut 0.20” clear acrylic?


read the post from their website and look at the comments and answers.

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Thank you - good read.

Anyone here who is using GRBL might want to try another piece of software.
It’s quite new, completely free, updated regularly and is also open to suggestions for improvements and additional features.
I’m not connected with it in any way, I just think it’s really worth a look.
It’s called LaserGRBL.

what operating system will this lasergrbl run on? is this windows only?

As far as I know it is just for Windows. But if you have a Mac with Windows it may work.
Windows also needs to have Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed.

5 ways to run WIndows on a Mac.