Jtec vector question

So i understand that raster can do shades of black or shall i say black to white and inbetween using gradients. now vector. how do i change power? in vcarve pro i use power 225. and whatever speed. for my glass and slate i use a speed of power 250 but slow my movement speed to 50. so is there a way i can do vector but at say half power and still work? i find most my woods at reg speed and 225 it burns into the wood. i just want a lite light pass but still want to see it. not sure if i need to keep the 225 speed and faster movement or keep same movement and lower it down to 200 rpm or 150. guess i could experiment. just not sure which way to start.

here is yesterdays experiments on engraving. glass was old glass from picture frames. painted black and image reversed and engraved.( haven’t tried just doing glass think it will just burn my spoilboard.) the other is a 2.19 piece of slate i found at michaels. worked perfect.