JTech GRBL Limitations

I have seen the quote Jtech GRBL “will not run arc commands and limit switch checking is disabled.” I don’t want to have to switch GRBL versions for carving and laser. The S command is not an issue as I only use PWM during carving to energize a relay for my router. My questions are:

  1. “Limit switch checking is disabled”. Does his refer to homing, soft limits, hard limits, or all? I use homing and soft limits and do not want to give these up.

  2. “will not run arc commands”. I use VCarve Pro for both 2.5D and 3D carving. Are arc commands required for these?


I’m in the same boat, could I use the JTech GRBL with Xcarve Routing, I don’t have limit switches, but I am pretty sure I use arcs. Why can’t JTech GRBL run arcs? Is there a “Modified” version that would work for both?

The reason for the difference between standard GRBL and laser GRBL is mostly for image engraving with the laser. They had to remove some code to optimize it to use raster laser. If you are doing vector work, you do not have to use the laser version of GRBL.
Search the forum for PicEngrave software. They make it easy to swap versions and settings and their customer service is top notch!