Jtech laser for sale

Jtech laser 2.8w both lenses included. Bought this in Nov. Don’t use it as much as I thought I would.

I’m asking $SOLD shipped Priority Shipping from Southern California to the lower 48 only. Sorry not interested in shipping to other countries.

Accepting PayPal or Venmo


Hi Janette,

What can you actually do with the 2.8W laser ? Can you cut any materials ? Do you have any samples to show what you’ve done? Thanks


Also does this have the Xcarve mount ?

Does the same as the 7w just slower. And it’s about $300 or so cheaper than the 7w, and at this price, almost $500 cheaper. I have the generic mount. Accidentally added to my xcarve pile when sold it. Here’s some stuff I made.

Hey thanks for getting back to me ! I am certainly interested. So on the software side, what do you use? Do I use Easel or Lightburn or both? Does your price include the shipping ?

I use Lightburn. A full license is only $40 and allows control of the xcarve via Lightburn. Yes that is price including shipping. US only, lower 48.

Ok I’ll take it. You can email me at rockmolsen@gmail.com with your paypal info and I’ll give you my address.

Thank you

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