Jtech Laser on New X Carve

Good evening. I have talked with X carve and they say never use a laser on the X carve. I am wondering how many people actually do use a laser without any issues? Not sure whether I get the Jtech or a FoxAlien. Can anyone give me some help and advice?

I’m running an Ortur LU2-4 on mine without any trouble. Check out the muted Laser category

I have no idea why they would say such a thing.
What’s the difference between controlling a router or a laser? (except for a couple of grbl settings)
I’ve had the J-Tech 7 watt for several years now.
Great laser, go for it and enjoy.

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Thank you. They told me it was mainly for safety but also said it would void any warranties on the machine. They have heard of main logic boards blowing. Not sure if it’s a scare tactic or not. Also mentioned the safety aspect and don’t want to be held liable.

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I have owned a couple of the Jtech on 2 different xcarves with no problems. It is a good laser but a bit pricey.

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Also own a JTech. The product and phone support are second to none. You get what you pay for.

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I think that they are distancing themselves from adding lasers to their machines out of safety and supportability concerns.

There are a lot of diode lasers out there and they keep getting more and more powerful. What’s not happening is fume extraction and safety enclosures.

I have an enclosed diode laser separate from my CNC, but I can see how it might be desirable to have both on the CNC and the ability for G-Code to switch between them so that you can both laser engrave and cut out with the mill all while keeping alignment.

They’re blowing smoke up your skirt.
(which I find disappointing coming from Inventables)
The only thing that the controller, controls, is the Xcarve and not the laser.
The laser has its own controller and has nothing to do with the Xcarve controller.
The laser is only going along for the ride, just like the router.

thank you so much for the information. From what I’m reading it’s more about liability (safety) than anything and Inventables wants to distance themselves from anything they don’t produce. Which I understand considering the ambulance chasing lawyers.

go for it and enjoy your new hobby.

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