JTech LaserEtch

So i finally downloaded Laser Etch software from JTech to speed up my black and white images significantly…im hitting a few snaggs when i generate and save the gcode and flash ti to Pic Sender it keeps giving me an error and i dont know what i am doing wrong…here are the settings I have within Laser Etch

Jay any thoughts on this one? What other informatoin would be helpful to you?

What is the error?

so i got it to finally run, but to start out it went to my homing position and just kept clicking there…is there a setting or command you can do to prevent it from homing…i unchecked the box in the software that said no homing, but that didnt seam to work

sorry @RobertCanning i got pulled away from my shop … Here are the basic commands i have in place
and the image commands

This is what happens https://discuss-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/original/3X/f/1/f1ddb2789e049699dc26ca3e2ef704d27ba7a6d1.MOV

ok so i have changed my off to M5 and in the short clip it…my router is shifting to the front left of the table and just pushing there as if its trying to reach somewhere off the area…is there something im missing that can have the laser start where is and not try to home?

this code has this absolute positioning line in it before it starts to run the photo…is this whats causing it? if so how do i get rid of it?

I think I figured it out … in pic sender I had to change the zeroing to absolute opposed to the other one and zero everything out