Just another guitar

Saw the two youtube videos (Drunken Woodworker and Carmicheal) on making electric guitars with the x-carve. Seemed relatively simple.

Here’s my progress so far:

the wood

the concept (half jazz master half tele)

the easel sketch *pickup pocket is still subject to change

double action truss rod in, fretboard down, test cut body

CNC head stock. 1/8" downcut spiral. some ludicrously low feed rate and depth of cut. did not want to take any chances.

CNC Body, remove some excess stock and you get here

love the neck-through look without a heel

next update when the electronics are in


looks great.

but I always heard 1-piece guitars are extremely hard to get right and needs extensive experience.

A custom guitar is why I bought my cnc, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I did a guitar build completely with hand tools a few years ago though


omitted these pictures earlier due to a lack of quality and my dirty socks.

neck mass stock removal.

Head profile.

That’s all controlled by the neck angle.

That’s a tough blend to do on the cnc, better off just roughing it close, then finishing with a rasp and belt sander to taste. That’s how we do it, and it feels a lot better.

Chestnut for faceplate size trials

Jazz master pick guard

“Jag-stang” pick guard

1/2 Poly-carbonate pick guard.
It’s actually 99.9% clear when pressed against something and frosted when not. Nice to see the wood still

First issue with project so far:

It’s hard to find a wiring schematic for a PAF humbucker combined with a regular 4 wire one. From what I’ve read I just have to connect the hot end to volume first… Maybe one of you guys can help out @cncrockstar @RobertCanning

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Thanks rob!

We going for two tone one volume with toggle switch. Pick ups to tone, capacitors to ground. Both tones to toggle switch, ground switch. Switch to third pot final volume, vol to patch.

Today I cncd the pickup and electronics pocket. Couldn’t get the switch in because my end mil is only 0.75" long and the switch is 1.125" tall

Face plate with pick ups seated

Spalted maple head cover