Just assembled brand new 1000 xcarve.This was not attached to the board. How do I fix. Very upset that it's like this

Contact Inventables.
They will make it right.
They will probably overnight you the new parts.

Thank you. Sent them email and pics. Hopefully they respond. I’m excited to learn how to use this machine.

@StacyMacvicar. I’ve always had the best success my calling. You will get help right then on the phone.

Don’t email.
call them, you will get immediate results.

Agreed, call them. While e-mail support is very good as well the phone support is much faster. When I got my machine a piece broke during assembly and I had a replacement the very next day.

I talked to them. There willing to replace part. Problem is I bought machine off someone. Still new in the boxes unasembled. They say they need a order confirmation number to send me the part free. Or I pay $130 u.s plus shipping. And I live in Ontario.

Did you contact the individual who sold you the damaged controller?

If you know someone handy with a soldering iron, that part should be fairly easy to reattach or replace. If not, try a cell phone repair shop. Find one with an employee that can solder.