Just completed: Cheese board

Just got this finished up as a birthday gift for my sister-in-law.

Laminated some walnut and maple. Used the XCarve to inlay the circles and cut out the board. Finished with 320 grit and mineral oil. Final dimensions are 9.5" x 20" x 0.860" or so.


Wow!, that looks far too good for cheese.

Excellent job!!

Nice job it looks great.

that’s damn nice, very creative

Great design. This is fantastic.

A new purpose for a vintage disciplinary tool!

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I like that, very cool design. Nicely done

That came out very nice. Looks high end

WOW! so beautiful, i wish walnut was cheaper in Australia :frowning: that much walnut here is about $140 worth :frowning:

Ouch! 4/4 rough walnut in Austin, TX is about $9 USD a board foot when purchased rough. used up about 2.5 or so. Piece was 52" x 6" (288 x 15 cm). I bet y’all get stuff over there that I can’t get here cheap, though.

Dang! S3S here is $8 bft for 4/4

Yeah, no. Lol our cheapest timber is Pine, which is too soft for any application ever. All our other unimported timbers are unattractive. If we want beautiful wood we need to buy from an importer, our customs dont allow live edge so we can only get clean cut so we need to pay for that to have been done, import tax, gst, and then markup. it’s crazy.

Probably for the best, I guess. If you did have nice hardwood there, it’d probably be poisonous anyway. :wink:

Never had Shropshire.
But Maytag Blue cheese is fantastic.
And yes, it is from the same family.
Please tell more about Shropshire.
Where can I get it?
I would love to try it.

Is Maytag Blue just cheese that has been left in the Maytag too long?

Where else?


we actually order it online.