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Just cutting air

I just finished setting up my Nov 21 x carve this morning and I am currently trying to do the test cut. It is barely cutting the material on the last pass leaving just a score line. Anybody else had this issue and if so how did you fix it?

I’m having the same issue. When I use a straight bit it does fine. When I change over to a v-bit and re-zero everything it just cuts air.

Hello John and Bobby and welcome to the forum,
How are you setting your Z height?
Can you share you file?

Go to Project then Share menu option
Select Unlisted
Copy the link, and paste it in your reply

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Are you using the Z-probe when setting your Z ?
After you cut using the straight bit you can use last zero position but still need to set your Z height.

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I figured out my problem. I had my bit too far in the router and it wouldn’t touch. I pulled my head out and now the problem has been solved. :slight_smile: