Just got X-Carve, Parts Are Missing! HELP!

I made it as far as step 2, when I need to use “Dual Bearing V-Wheel Kit” which I should have 8 of according to the materials list for the step. I’m not seeing these ANYWHERE.

I do, however, appear to have 6 “Smooth Idler Wheel Kit” of which I’m apparently supposed to have only 2. Even the label says “Smooth Idler Kits qty. 6” Wondering if more are used in later steps?

All I know is step 2 needs “Dual Bearing V-Wheels” and I have NONE.

Are they hidden somewhere?

REALLY unhappy at the moment.


Ok, apparently they were in with the parts for another step.

At first glance it appeared that all components were packed and organized in a step-by-step way. But it looks like rather than packing some V-Wheels with the parts for step 2 they are in a large bag of 20 with some other parts.

At least I get to continue the build! PHEW!


Hello Chris, Just Completed my build … some advice, watch the entire video instructions start to finish before you get much further. It will greatly help. Also unpack everything and lay it all out by the box it came with, but don’t empty the bags just take as needed for each step. Try this and I would bet your build goes better. Just trying to help, from one newer user to another.

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Hi @ChrisEllerby sorry for the confusion on the instructions. Glad you found the parts! What can we do to adjust the instructions to make it easier for other customers?

To fix that issue I would just have the V-Wheels in the same part of the packaging as the other components for that step. For some reason my V-Wheels were in a box of parts that would not be needed for a few steps.

OK, I just managed to open my kit that arrived on Tuesday. No rails and no extrusions. I’ve checked all the corners of the boxes, but you don’t think you would miss a bunch of aluminum like that.

I’m in Chicago, so I could come by and pick them up. A little disappointing as I was hoping to work on this over the weekend.

Hey @ChrisWundram I’m really sorry about this issue. As a first step can you please verify you have all the other parts?

We triple check the boxes so I’m wondering if we put the wrong label on yours and you got someone else’s order and they got yours.

I can probably meet you over at Inventables this weekend to get it fixed up.

Yep, I checked against the manifest, everything lis there except 30550-01. Just email me when you want to have me stop by. (As long as I don’t screw up your saturday)

How far are you from the office?

I’m in the south loop. So probably it would take me about 30 minutes to get there.

Cool. I’m heading over now. See you at 10:30ish.

We are in the south loop too van Buren and Jefferson. Meet me on the Jefferson side of the building.

Zach, this is just one more thing that makes me support Inventables. You guys/gals are consistently going above and beyond for your customers.

I have had two major problems with 2 separate companies in the last 2 months. One at a major hotel where the roof leaked and I got displaced and not given help moving my stuff out or given a room until about 12 hrs later. My IPad got soaked and they are ignoring my requests to get it replaced. Another where I am out over $250.00 because the Post Office lost my package and nobody wants to send a replacement or give me a refund.

My point is that companies like yours are few and far between and its refreshing to see this.

Pretty cool letting my stop by a pick up the parts. I guess that is the advantage of being in walking distance of the warehouse.

I hope you didn’t get stuck in the parade. :smile:

Ha! It was no problem at all. It was our mistake. We want you to be successful and we realize how bad it feels when you set aside time on the weekend to build your X-Carve and you are missing some parts.

Glad we could solve the problem fast so you can continue your build this weekend. Let us know how it goes.

Hey Zach,

You and Anthony Imperato (spelling?) of Henry Repeating Arms could start a club of those folks in charge who know how to properly treat the customer!



Hi @JkWestphal Thanks. I’d never heard of Henry Repeating Arms but I just looked up their website. I like Anthony’s quote “If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a Henry, I can assure you that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are happy that you bought a Henry.”

I feel the same way.

I think that’s the way companies used to operate back in the early days of the United States when you actually knew your customers. Then as companies grew to massive sizes for some reason as a nation we started to make customer service into an “assembly line” and CEO’s started thinking of it as a way to reduce or minimize costs. If we make a mistake we should own up to it and fix it. I’m proud of our team for reducing our error rate from ~1.5% to last month ~0.3% but as the number of orders grow if you are one of those people in the 0.3% you are rightfully upset. Nobody notices if an elevator works 10,000 times they notice the one time you get stuck in between floors. We’re going to make mistakes as a company because we aren’t robots. It’s how we respond that will define us.

I’m very proud of the work that @Phil @JohnHayes @SamAlaimo and @PaulStolz have been doing at Inventables. With the success of X-Carve their daily case load is dramatically increasing and but they are handling it proactively.

Why would a company choose to answer the phone with an automated attendant? I can’t understand why you would choose to systematically enrage customers forcing them to yell into the phone “representative!!”. To me it doesn’t make sense. Hopefully social media and the transparency of the internet will bring us back to a culture where as a country we treat customers like people not like parts of an assembly line.


Just putting together my 1000mm carve, and I fear I’m missing a bunch of m5 25mm screws. Going to go to the hardware store and get some in the morning, but that just means the night is wasted. Guess it’s a sign to go out and grab a beer or four.
Rest of the build has been butter so far, loving the quality on the parts so far!