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Just Laser is not working

I have purchased the J tech 7 w laser and the installation was no issue and the directions were easy to follow. I went to start my first engraving and the laser was not working. I contacted LightBurn (software) and they provided g codes to have the on with limited power and nothing. Went to J tech next they walked me through the wiring diagram and the manual operation of the laser. The laser came on. JTech suggested that I check with Inventables Customer Service. I explained the issue and their response was they do not support the use of lasers.

JTech believed that there may not be power coming from the x controller through the Spindle PMW port.

I am hoping that I have not received a defective board (already had one)

Has anyone else had a non working laser and what was the solution???

I feel your pain brother! I don’t know if it will be of any help or not but I was helping another guy with his 7 watt Jtech laser Turns out that the power cable they tell you to zip tie to the outside of your drag chain was defective. He replaced that and everything started working. I don’t know squat about lightburn. I tried to use it with the guy I was helping and it was confusing as hell. We switched over to PicSender and life was good again. Yep, PicSender to the rescue once again!!

Hope this helps.